What is Solaghosts?

Solaghosts are part of Solagea, an interactive metacemetery on the Solana Network. Each Solaghost will eventually have its own web address (eg solaghosts.com/1234-plot/grave-1234) with the wallet address of each owner attached.
Solaghosts owners will be able to receive rewards in the Solaghosts native token ($BOO) for burying (staking) their Solaghosts in the metacemetery.
The solaghosts that are buried with a proper gravestone and in their own land, will reward their holders with airdrops or a with a special token. This token can be used to buy land, upgrade gravestones, or give offerings to your Solaghosts for ever better rewards.
Each land has its own cemetery, which will has a number of plots owned or for sale (you will be able to buy the cemetery plots here or in secondary markets). A certain number of gravestones can be placed on each plot for a Solaghost to rest.
Plots owners will receive a percentage of the rewards from each grave in their plot. Also, each plot and gravestone space has its address (e.g. solaghosts.io/gravestone1234), which will shows the address of its owner's wallet.
Solaghosts can also participate in the Día de los Muertos game. Each week, holders who have Solaghosts with certain trait will be rewarded with a % of the royalties in the Día de Los Muertos.
For example, in one week, holders of Solaghosts with blue pirate hats will be rewarded. If you have 2, you will be rewarded twice!
Last modified 1yr ago